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Warranty Program

TorenFonder Enterprises Co. Ltd. warranty policy

All Fonder stainless steel sinks feature a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY under normal use.
In the event of a warranty claim, the owner will be required to provide proof of purchase - save sales receipt.
TorenFonder Enterprises Co. Ltd reserves the right to inspect any sink reported to be defective prior to replacement of the sink.
Fonder shall not be liable in case of:
• Improper installation
• Damages resulting from dropped objects
• Improper care or maintenance
• Improper applications (such as exposure to corrosive chemicals, photographic solutions, etc.)

TorenFonder Enterprises Co. Ltd. warranty policy for faucet:

All Fonder stainless steel faucets feature ONE YEAR WARRANTY under normal use.
If any such Fonder faucet proves to be defective during the warranty period to the original owner, Fonder will provide replacement parts free of charge at the location of the purchase.
This warranty does not cover ceramic cartridges, parts or finishes which have been improperly installed, damaged or subjected to misuse or abuse used.

Fonder Sink shall not be liable in case of the followings:

Improper installation or modification
Usage for commercial purposes
Damages due to abuse or caused by improper maintenance or cleaning , abnormal usage, misuse or negligence
Chips, scratches and stains are not deemed to be manufacturing defects. Chips , scratches and stains occurred under normal use over a period of time are excluded from this warranty
Damage caused by a heavy object dropped onto the sin, or outside using
If there is a claim, send your claim in writing to