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1. Sometime there are some brown marks show up on the sink. Why those brown marks are showing on your sink?

The brown mark is scale. This situation is always happening in the new house and renovation. In case of the people do the project, they stop using the water in a period time. The microelements are getting chemical reaction in the water and produce scale in the water tube. When the people use the water again, the dirt flow on the sink and stay there.
In this situation, the customer can use Bi-Carbonate of Soda to clean the sink, or brown marks will disappear by themselves after using a period time.

2. Is stainless steel sink consumable in daily life?

Stainless steel has excellent hardness, but it is not means stainless steel is the most hardness material in the world.
If you use the sink, the scratches on your sink is normal. There is no way to prohibit this situation, but scratches can be reduced.
Firstly, customer can use grid put into sink. It will protect sink and be effective to avoid the scratches.
Secondly, when the scratches are showing up, keep using the sink. It will be removed by time.